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Dissidia Opera Omnia Datamining

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Dissidia Opera Omnia Datamining

Post by hellacopters » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:56 pm

Hello all,

I've been on the forums for about a year now, reading many posts and learning about datamining from this awesome community. Because of the knowledge shared here, I now run a fan site for Dissidia Opera Omnia where I provide interactive tools for the community that both document and emulate game features. While there are tools out there like The Koei Swiss Army Knife, Noesis and QuickBMS that can read and unzip most of the game files, there are some major pieces of missing info hidden away that dataminers have yet to crack. I've been trying myself for the last few months to little progress. I've done my best with questioning those in the community who are familiar with the game's file structure, and I believe I've been able to at least narrow down the search for where this info is most likely hiding.

While things like buff names, character names and even enemy descriptions can be found in plain text from unzipped files. There are things like ability names, weapon names and character descriptions that are no where to be found. As the game continues to grow, additional characters bring huge amounts of data to be documented with every update. Copying the data manually from in game becomes a time consuming task with a lot of room for error. Having the ability to read the data files and publish the text directly not only saves time but allows us to verify discrepancies within our documents.

While I wish I had more to share, I figured I would at least "pay it back" and post what I have here in the off chance someone else exploring the files wants to discuss. The game has been out for a while now, so it's a testament to how well the devs did at keeping things so scattered that no one else has been able to put these piece together yet!

And to all the community members who have helped so far. Thank you!

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