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Vindictus unpack failure?

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:17 am
by LightXPS
I managed to get the hfs files to be unpacked with a quickbms script, but now I've got a big bunch of .dat files - not a single .mdl file or something like that... The bms script was this one: Vindictus bms script This got me so many files, I absolutely have no idea where to search for the stuff needed - here's a sample folder. The files I need are some model and texture files for Sylas: I need the model and texture files for him in the High Elf Prince, Aerial Agility and the Casual Suit Sets as well as the Buffalo Plaid inner armor.

EDIT: I've added the original file to the unpacked one in the zipped file, if you want to try that script for yourself :) The link has been updated accordingly.

Where did I make my mistake?
And where are the files to be found?