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PSP-3006 strange issues.

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PSP-3006 strange issues.

Post by TokiyoRio » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:16 am

I bought 2 new batteries (yes they are obviously clones), one is 1200mah and 2400mah, both are different brands. When I bought the 1200mah battery from a store, I inserted it on my PSP. The battery info on the settings showed that it has 88%. I charged it for like 20mins then it went full.

The 1200mah lasted only for an hour of playing Tekken 5, then it died. I kept checking on the home menu to see how much battery bars I have. It has 3 bars when it died. I charged it, but just for a few mins while charging, the battery info said that its on 96% already. I unplugged the charger and it was hopping around 88-96% even when I removed and inserted the battery back and forth.

I played Tekken again for almost an hour then it died. So I charged it again, went early to bed. I woke up and the PSP was still charging!

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