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Confused first builder in ocean of graphic cards

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Confused first builder in ocean of graphic cards

Post by SheldonJawline » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:57 pm

Hi! I'm planning on building my first PC. Long story short I read, watched a bunch of videos about what graphic card I should choose. This subreddit is already full of this question but i just dont want to do anything wrong: 5700xt, 2070, or 2070Super? I'm really into the 5700xt especially that the new custom models are coming out now. My question(s): how probable is it that the 5700xt is going to be best choice in regards of long term (will ray tracing be a must have?); Is the 5700xt the best choice between those 3 gpus in term of price/ performance? Is the 2070 and/or 2070super much better when it comes to Battle royale, open world games, shooters?

Thanks in Advance

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