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Sony Playstation (PS3) Home .SDAT/.DAT File Extraction? Audio Files Inside

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:29 pm
by zeaofsuos
So I have some .SDAT files from Sony's Playstation Home that closed on March 31, 2015 and I think they may house audio data.

I have managed to used a program called "TrueAncestor_EDAT_Rebuilder" which can decrypt SDAT files with encryption which, these particular files were and once decrypted, it's file contents came out as the true archive, which was DAT but I have tried different DAT extractors and can't get them to work. Has anyone come across anything like this before? If you can help, that would be great. I will put the original encrypted SDAT file below and the decrypted outcome DAT below as well. Thanks.

bowling_apartment_T038_sdat: ... _T038_sdat
bowling_apartment_T038_dat: ... t_T038_dat