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Need help when i unpacked Witchspring3

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Need help when i unpacked Witchspring3

Post by Taiyoshin » Mon May 06, 2019 2:39 pm

Hi! My name Phước i'm from Vietnam and my nickname is Taiyoshin or you can call me TYS
on the topic
I want to translate Witchspring3 to my Language, the font is support for my language so i don't need to worry about that. But when i unpacked and packed 7zip > obb file, the game can't play and stopped in the blackscreen. The one who supports me said the game only receive the original file obb in the apk, so i want to change that to the game receive the obb file edited is there any way to do that ?
P/s: If my english is bad, sorry about that :D

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