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YGO legacy of the duelist link evolution .DAT files

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:06 pm
by Supurreme
so i got my hands on this game and managed to extract the contents thanks to ziella but now the problem is the files im left with
i know .dat files can literally be like, anything so theres no surefire way to know how to extract any given .dat which is the trouble im having....i dont really know much about reverse-engineering files so i dont know how to tackle this. if its any help, the file starts like this
and that continues on for a while before going on to this for another looooong while (this file is 1.4 gb!)
the end of the file is a combination of that jumbled stuff and script things like the credits, character names, and dialogue.

since the file is so big im not sure how i could upload samples, so thats a bit of a problem :/ if theres a way to split the file without damaging the data then please let me know. i do have this TOC file i can share that has the names of all files in the dat so if thats any help in figuring this out, here it is: