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The Wayanad Resorts

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The Wayanad Resorts

Post by DonPeloquin » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:26 pm

Make memories with us

Vacations are to enjoy and in this busy life they are even necessary to rejuvenate the essence of you. But planning a vacation trip is quite cumbersome but not to worry more, the Wayanad Resorts are here to give you the relaxation and peace yet fun vacations. “STRESS STRESS GO AWAY” is our moto and this is possible only with our team who is well versed in the fun and excitement. The child in you will reborn. Just tell us what you need and what and it is our responsibility to get you the whole of it.

Our Services

Planning is a tough work to do and needs a professional to chalk out the whole plan, that’s why we are providing you our professional planners who will frame your plans and make easy for you to enjoy. We cover the whole package – whether you are looking for the cruise, air tickets, accommodations and other services. Merely you have to select the place where you want to spend your holidays and then others are our dealings. Our specialists will plan the best of plans for you.

Resorts in Wayanad

The name of resorts in itself fill everyone with joy and the smell of peace can be felt even by the word only. Enjoy your days inbeautiful resorts in Wayanadand make your vacations a worth framed.

Hotels in Wayanad

The Wayanad Resorts also provide you the service of hotel with all the advanced facilities and the helpers are a call away. You need anything, just ask us and we’ll do the best we can do.

Rooms in Wayanad

Not only the outer surroundings are beautiful but when you enter your room you can feel the comfort from the first step. We have tried to maintain the room like your home yet better wayanad village resort. And don’t forget to jump on the life-sized bed with the perfect thickness and softness so that you can experience that peace and rest like never before. And the most amazing thing is that all this fits in your budget as well. When we say “Stress Stress Go Away” then we actually mean it. Lights, wall paints, ceiling design just add up on these.

Rented Vehicle in Wayanad

If you want to roam around and your means is nowhere. Don’t you worry, we have solutions for this too. You can rent any vehicle for anyplace you want to go. There will be a number of means to choose from. Rental charges are mild and anyone can avail the service of rented means.

Taxi Service in Wayanad service

The Wayanad Resorts provide you another service of taxi. You can rent a taxi for whole day and night.


The Wayanad Resorts not only get you the place to enjoy but also the team frames the whole plan and you will get the free advice from the specialists.Your trip, our planning. Just tell us the place and our specialists figure out all the pros and cons and all will be communicated to you as well.

Don’t worry, we are here happy to help you.

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