Defend Your Flaaghra (Tech Demo) - DefendYourFlaahgra.nma

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Defend Your Flaaghra (Tech Demo) - DefendYourFlaahgra.nma

Post by xjonx » Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:37 am

There is this file "DefendYourFlaahgra.nma" that contains assets of a tech demo game named "Defend Your Flaaghra"
You can download the game from here:
(the DefendYourFlaahgra.nma file comes with the game)

I have used various game archive tools on this, such as XRipper, GameExtrator, Universal Extractor, Ravioli Game Tools, MultiEx Commander, and Dragon UnPACKer to no avail.
Universal Extractor thought it was a NScripter Archive Version 1 but no tools that decode that type of archive works with this file, so it isn't that file type.

I know this file contains the assets due to it's file size (11.4MB)
From the game's readme:
"Please note that the "NetMission Game Engine" is not affiliated with the "Metroid Prime 2-D" project and is simply a piece of software that was used to produce this tech demo. Any Nintendo-related content exists solely in the included .nma game file which is not part of the NetMission Engine."

Things I know:
- The file format is ".nma"
- The header is "¼"
- The start of the file contains file indexes
- It's a archive
- It's not encrypted
- It's not compressed

From the file indexes, I can denounce that it contains these file types:
- .jpg
- .png
- .fnt
- .wav
- .ogg
- .dat
- .nmpa
- .nmem
- .nmma
- (empty)

Found some info on how the game engine loads the data from the nma:

Update 2:
Here are the sample files individually (I have 3 of them for reference):
DefendYourFlaaghra.nma: ... a.nma/file
core.nma: ... e.nma/file
MP2D.nma: ... D.nma/file

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