Guitar Hero 1 (PS2) Samples*.bnk+*.nse+*.seq

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Guitar Hero 1 (PS2) Samples*.bnk+*.nse+*.seq

Post by GenericRipper » Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:29 pm

Hi guys, I've just found out that not all music in GH1 is in VGS format & there're some jingles / SFX hidden inside files with NSE extension. Those banks are accompanied by files with the same name but different extension (BNK & SEQ); these small companions seem to store filenames and probably TOC / offsets required to extract numerous audio streams from *.nse archives.
BTW audio codec used in those NSEs is a pretty common one so that I don't expect any problems with playing those tracks after they're extracted.

I'd truly appreciate it if someone looked into them and possibly devised an unpacking solution (be it a BMS or some special tool / utility). Samples are here.


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