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Crossfire HD CBT (Unreal Engine 3)

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Crossfire HD CBT (Unreal Engine 3)

Post by Sugar » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:52 am


About game:
It's remake of the well known Crossfire game. The first CBT was in China few weeks ago.

Does anyone have interest in unpacking CFHD .upk files ?
I tryed with uModel but it failed.

Im trying to manage how to run the game, because after launch it's just closing.
Few starting parameters from ue3 still works, but im trying to unpack upk's.
Maybe inside of them there will be cvar/starting parameter list or something. It may still have console inside to load maps offline or something.

Here is link for Official download launcher:!wVZ10ChZ!iLCaaLrhy1Av ... XJf9_le60Q

And some random .upk:!NRZHwKCA!DK1WbVQSAHjx ... AXTKDDqjO0

P.S game was public for everyone. So files can be downloaded legally

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