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Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Seventh Annual Ping Pong Palooza in Sapphire Gentlemen's Club

Fall season at Sapphire signifies the fantastic Ping Pong Palooza is back along with the Vegas nightlife business is encouraged to come out to compete for the No.1 spot along with bragging rights on Tuesday, Nov.19th. Get your paddles prepared for a night of delicious appetizers, drink specials, pleasure and good competition.

This season's championship is the Seventh Annual Sapphire Gentlemen's Club Ping Pong Palooza, and Sapphire is pleased to sponsor this popular event that was initially inspired by the Christopher Walken' film Balls of Fury, and it has become among the most popular yearly events in Sapphire. This event is the club ping pong championship on the planet.

The championship pits teams of nightlife professionals from each other to get a decoration which could only be called the"Vegas Cup of Ping Pong." Teams should have a minimum of four players and one female participant (You can always select one of the amazing Sapphire entertainers to function as female participant that's highly suggested!). We talk more on facebook:

Ping Pong Palooza boasts specialist referees in the vegas Table Tennis Association, law tables and also a particular" exhibition table" full with bubbly and resilient Sapphire's dancers doing what they do best! The afternoon of this event registration starts at 6 pm with cocktails and free meals. Arrive do not overlook the Entertainer Ping pong tournament which occurs on stage. The tournament starts at 7 p.m.


Heineken is the host of this case for the second year in a row. Attendees will have the ability to buy beverage tickets throughout the event from the Heineken booth. Two tickets will be available for $8 and great for 2 Heinekens in the pub. Proceeds go to The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer. The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer relies on helping men while being treated for prostate cancer who have prostate cancer which requires financial support for expenses and fiscal demands. They also expect to inspire men to get tested for the disorder as early detection turns out to be essential in the treatment procedure. The base created in 2003 and has generated over $1.5 million in contributions and sponsorships to gain programs linked to the ailment, for prostate cancer research and monetary aid for survivors of the disorder. Heineken is also awarding awards and plaque/trophy into the"Greatest Mustache" that day as part of their festivities.

Heineken continues to surprise and inspire its own customers with it is international brand campaigna[pub ]"The Ability of the Mustache", linking in the Mustache November effort to raise funds for prostate cancer sufferers and consciousness of this life-threatening disorder.

"We're very excited to be working together with the Sapphire Foundation to help raise much-needed money and awareness for the fight against prostate cancer," says Jack Colton, creator of this in cooperation with Greg Berard together with Heineken U.S.A. For more information about ping pong types, check out our blog: best ping pong paddle Twitter.

Mustache November is the top fundraiser for a prostate cancer study, aiming to change the face of the health of men!

Mustache November is an yearly worldwide men's health charity supporting guys to develop a mustache and girls to encourage both the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November as a indication of acknowledgment and support of both men's health problems and solicit contributions that encourage prostate and testicular cancer initiatives focusing on the early detection, diagnosis and treatment options for cancer and resources have been increased for men's health, especially prostate and esophageal cancer campaigns. In 2011, 854,000 participants globally increased by $126.3 million.


The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer relies on assisting men while being treated for prostate cancer with prostate cancer which requires financial aid for expenses and fiscal demands. They also hope to inspire men to get tested for the disorder because early detection turns out to be essential in the treatment procedure. The basis established in 2003 and has created for prostate cancer research and aid for survivors of the disorder to gain programs in sponsorships and contributions.

So contribute to an excellent cause, show your finest"stache" and celebration with the most gorgeous entertainers on earth all at precisely the exact same moment, the Sapphire Ping Pong Palooza Tournament is the simplest method that you perform all three.

Also part of this night's festivities, Sancho Van Ryan and Viva Vegas TV will recognize and honor Peter Feinstein, Managing Partner of Sapphire Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas, NV and New York, NY, and founder of The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer for his induction to the Nightclub Hall of Fame (United States Category) by pub and Nightclub Pros & Veterans of the Business Preston Rideout and Ryan Dahlstrom. The Nightclub Hall of Fame is a website and a group devoted to honoring this industry's professionals. Check on to know how to clean a paldde: ... th-alcohol

Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, located at 3025 S. Industrial Road in Las Vegas, is the largest strip club in the world, with well over 70,000-square-feet of topless amusement. The club is available 24/7, 365 days per year and over and comprises 400 entertainers each night over to the consumers with superior alcohol and cigars. The Main Room that is enormous homes three phases including the SkyStage over the RockStar VIP section with its catwalk into the SkyBoxes. Sapphire serves the range of wines cocktails, champagne, and cigars. The event of this year cannot get.

Round the group up and visit Sapphire for the Annual Ping Pong Palooza Nightlife Industry Ping Pong Tournament. Since participation is restricted teams must sign beginning at 6 pm.

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