Call of Duty Online *.ifs files (need help to fix bug)

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Call of Duty Online *.ifs files (need help to fix bug)

Post by 48464385 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:24 am

I found a tool named Wraith Cyborg to extract *.ifs files.But it has a bug. When two or more files have the same name in the same .ifs file , Wraith Cyborg will overwrite the previous.Unfortunately,I know little about C++,and DTZxPorter won't update it anymmore.

For example,there're 2 files named"UK_1_mp_pain.mp3" in "lf_init_common_mp_1_V29.ifs"


In the end,only 1 file was extracted.

Wraith Cyborg:

something may be helpful: ... th_cyborg/

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