FortniteGame-Switch.pak (Fortnite for Nintendo Switch)

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FortniteGame-Switch.pak (Fortnite for Nintendo Switch)

Post by ChrisX930 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:39 am

Hey Guys,

I just decrypted the Nintendo Switch Game "Fortnite" and wanted to extract and probably rebuild the pak I just extracted from the Game.

I've tried the to extract the pak-file ( ) without luck.

I'm getting this error:
select the BMS script to use. type ? for using the clipboard
- select the input archives/files to extract, type * or "" for whole folder and subfolders
- select the output folder where extracting the files
- open input file I:\Nintendo Switch\Fortnite Update\romfs\FortniteGame\Content\Paks\FortniteGame-Switch.pak
- open script I:\Nintendo Switch\Fortnite Update\romfs\FortniteGame\Content\Paks\unreal_tournament_4 (1).bms
- set output folder I:\Nintendo Switch\Fortnite Update\romfs\FortniteGame\Content\Paks

offset filesize filename
0000000000000000 0 FortniteGame/FortniteGame.uproject
+ 0000000000000049 7404 FortniteGame/FortniteGame.uproject
Info: algorithm 250
offset 0000000000000049
input size 0x0000000000000586 1414
output size 0x0000000000001cec 7404
result 0xffffffffffffffff -1

Error: the uncompressed data (-1) is bigger than the allocated buffer (7404)

Last script line before the error or that produced the error:
Using gives me this: info "I:\Nintendo Switch\Fortnite Update\romfs\FortniteGame\Content\Paks\FortniteGame-Switch.pak"
unsupported version: 6
So it seems the file is somehow compressed and uses UE4 PAK version 6?

Could you help me out with that?

I want to extract the files and, if possible, rebuild it / replace files.

Here's the file: ... cnvkhOqku9

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