Kingdom Come Deliverance - need files from BETA (encrypted)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - need files from BETA (encrypted)

Post by 3AMt » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:36 am

Hi there,
I need to decrypt the .pak files from the Kingdom Come Deliverance Beta version (2016) since it has textures with higher resulutions, vivid color grading and many other things I would love to intigrate back into the release version of the game. In order to hopefully get something of the stunning visuals back. Not that the game looks bad, but you know, it looked a lot better in the beta.

However files are decrypted and I wonder how to get the key and extract the .pak files. It a Cryengine game.

Thanks in advice.

* edit: Is there any tutorial to get the RSA key from a file?

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