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(help)Any quick bms script for this format? (.DBL)

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(help)Any quick bms script for this format? (.DBL)

Post by Pokemeta » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:35 pm

hi so i'm new to this site and i found that we can ask for help on files in this site so i'd like to ask for this:
there's some DBL files (they contain textures and graphics) of Disney's Chicken Little, as far as i know, the only files that can be extracted are the .HOG files (the compressed files for the audio and others) by game extractor and multiex commander, if there isn't any bms script then is there any other way to extract them? and about the format, according to the hex editor, they're in .tga format (so once they're extracted, it shouldn't be hard to view or convert them)

here's a file example if someone wanna see the contents: ... ienhud.rar

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Re: (help)Any quick bms script for this format? (.DBL)

Post by devmode » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:51 pm

Provided file doesn't contain textures. It's looks like a "info" file, which used by game engine for geting some info about textures\materials.
In most cases, uncompressed *.TGA can be identifying by "TRUEVISION X-File" ascii string in data.

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Re: (help)Any quick bms script for this format? (.DBL)

Post by Elephantkilla » Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:26 am

This archive contains both textures and models. In the present it has no TGA textures. This archive contains BMP textures without a header in encoded form. Hi I'm also looking for help for this archive, but only for the game 25 to Life. It uses the same files. Here is a link to the topic: ... bl#p149787
This is some kind of common console game engine where coded .dbl archives are packaged in .hog If we find a solution for one game, unpack all other xbox games on this engine. Although these games have the same developer - Avalanche Software. He is the author of this archive or engine.
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