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Farming Simulator .shapes

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Farming Simulator .shapes

Post by Chipicao » Sun May 11, 2014 6:27 pm

In the new version of Farming Simulator 2013, each vehicle has an external model file where the 3D data appears to be compressed.
I'm not experienced with compression methods, so I need help determining what type is used. Below are 128 byte chunks from the beginning of 3 files, I can also provide full samples via PM if needed.

Code: Select all

00630002 8905411E 4B8305A6 65FC7893 80C4BBD9 3771DBDF 5F7DBEEE 6D5CC802
079AB2EC B1473C29 64454B9D 910F536C EC5740D6 8C77294E 9948959B F6165758
E531B011 2F283120 107B111B 295BD016 69062C31 0467D718 36091207 D0260179
AE4C7353 1568D1CA E59A1B0A 27C559CB FCAEBA4C E6257C39 8C65D3DE 4814DDB9

Code: Select all

00D30002 988FAE37 F47DB1E0 31A7586A 292A430F FCFF5F7F BD1D8629 8761060E
283865C4 175BFFEF 15D81153 F35E4B67 FA5667A0 1F986693 EDE5B82D 509DDE90
817C4FE0 FA911351 045EB5E0 495391D8 09F9A292 140D5FEF F95D3006 7409C770
A079D45F CF271E38 D481F946 C00EF2C7 BBB07DF1 E713FD5A 46864F57 6D73D1CF

Code: Select all

00100002 CCE65A72 DE431FBB 01F70E6F 5407F34F 458ACAAE AE10DD30 26FD57A2
D6BC1692 9A715DB3 3B15E9FE F098514B 911A9AF0 FAFFFCBE E235C1B7 14EA1D41
F3FDBCD0 4A2E6A9D 9ADAB092 5FED1808 BF996FCB BE5F6CF3 1B6F7979 08CA24C6
B35D402F 89A4F111 B30C6630 E540CCA9 03D69F9B 7CA8AD8D 0F523223 E7D22B69
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Re: Farming Simulator .shapes

Post by devilkkw » Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:40 am

i've do a comtype scanner, and the results are scpack.
Now i need help to proceed extraction data.

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