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ZuOnline (最游记)

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ZuOnline (最游记)

Post by CriticalError » Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:09 am


Hello guys, well I try figure out how unpack files of this game, I make some views in header and found that, maybe somebody can get something? .package file format.

PD: can somebody help me with script :(

Code: Select all

# ZuOnline
# script for QuickBMS

idstring "SSHEN"
goto 0x20
get DUMMY long
get DUMMY long
get NAMES_OFF long
get INFO_OFF long
get CRC_OFF long
get FILES long
get CRC long
get DUMMY long
get DUMMY long
for i = 0 < FILES
    get OFFSET long
    get SIZE long
    math OFFSET += 4
    log "" OFFSET SIZE
next i
Image ... package.7z

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