Collapse: Devastated World (2008) Script Offer?

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Collapse: Devastated World (2008) Script Offer?

Post by wkduffy »

Hi! New here. Sorry for the epic post or if this is the wrong section. Looking for assistance in unpacking some files.

I’m an English professor who knows a thing or two about language but only enough about computers to get me into trouble. Over the years, I’ve translated several games never released on PC in the west from Russian into English. For the first time, I recently used QuickBMS with the “Clutch” script (Targem Games) by Luigi Auriemma to unpack/translate/pack “The Swarm” (2008) which worked like a charm. Grateful.

3 years ago I started translating “Collapse: Devastated World” (2008). I finished half of it (basically translating and burning Ukraine-to-English subs onto all the cutscenes and dialogue). But I’ve never been able to extract the remainder of the files (the UI, menus, documents, on-screen tuts, etc.), and it has driven me crazy for a while now.

I'd like to offer a little cash ($40 into a Paypal account) to anyone who could write a working BMS script (or any other means) to read them in a format I could work with? If a tool already exists, please let me know. The developer is Creoteam, the publisher is UTV Ignition. No idea what engine is used. I can see them in Notepad++ (as a binary dump, I guess?), but it's not workable. I’ve posted some small examples of these files (.w000 / .0000 / .p001 / .script) on 4Shared, links below. If you need larger examples, let me know. Remember, I only sort of know what I'm doing. Thanks for reading and any help.
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Re: Collapse: Devastated World (2008) Script Offer?

Post by Rion »

Now that the game has been released in English recently, is there a way or program to access and modify the .w000 files of the game? I've been waiting for the English release for about 4 years and now I would like to do a translation of it to my language if I'd have the means.

BTW, it was your English translation, wkduffy, that was implemented in the recent version? Because it's very well-done, and a huge help since I had never learnt Russian (though my country is a neighbour of Ukraine) :)
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Re: Collapse: Devastated World (2008) Script Offer?

Post by SergioKool »

I hope too for a tool to edit that text files :) Hope some god like programer here could made one for us :D
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