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Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
TitleEZ-BMS (1.2)
Estimated date2013-06-30
  • Game Resource Archives
  • Scripting

1. Put your .BMS files in the BMS folder
2. Place your archive(s) in the INPUT folder
3. Open EZ-BMS.exe and type your selection 1-2 "1 will execute QuickBMS interface, 2 will recycle and recreate your INPUT and OUTPUT folder "for lazy users""
4. if you chose selection [1] then you are prompted with selections 1-4. They each have a different command.

[1] Use no commands
[2] "-r"   experimental reimport option that should work with many archives
[3] "-."   don't terminate QuickBMS if there is an error while parsing multiple
files (like wrong compression or small file), just continue with the
other files in the folder
[4] "-d"   automatically create an additional output folder with the name of the
input folder and file processed, eg. models/mychar/mychar.arc/FILES

5. The output of the archive will be found in the OUTPUT folder
"If you wish to quit the program, just press enter with no selection."

Try to use only 1 .BMS file at a time, leave only 1 in the BMS folder as it automatically searches for them no matter what they are named.

V1.2 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.23a- QuickBMS upgrade.
V1.1 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.22- Bugfixes and QuickBMS upgrade.
v1.0 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.21a- Portable .exe, based upon the idea of use for non programmers who need a GUI interfaced tool.

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QuickBMS 0.3.14c

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
TitleQuickBMS 0.3.14c
Estimated date2010-02-10
DescriptionScripts based files extractor compatible with the BMS language (aka MexScript). it works from both command-line if launched from the console or with a minimalistic GUI if double-clicked. <!--more--> remember that from command-line is possible to specify other useful options for listing the files and even extracting all the archives inside a folder (scanning of the directory with the choosing of a wildcard, like "*.pck" and so on). the idea was born from the need of a simple and fast solution for handling the simple types of archives used by the majority of games without losing time writing a stand-alone tool with tons of C code just for a basic file format. so this tool has been created primarly for myself for creating my extractors quickly on the fly and then for any other user who wants do the same without learning a programming language. then the BMS language is basic, easy to use and exists from over 10 years so it's more practical and profitable for the people in the "archives extraction" field to learn/use it and being a language specific for the extraction of files don't exist complex things or tons of commands, symbols and so on. for my personal requirements and for being compatible with more games the tool uses various enhancements over the original BMS language like various compressions (deflate, deflate64, lzo, lzss, lzx, pkware explode, gzip, lzma, lzma2, bzip2, XMemDecompress, ppmd, some lzw and lzx variats, rle, rle7/0, rlew, lzjb, sfl block/rle/nulls/bits, uncompress, ucl and other 150 algorithms plus or less game specifics), encryptions (ice, aes, blowfish, des, 3des, rc2, rc4, xtea, idea, twofish, cast5, seed, serpent, CryptDecrypt, CryptUnprotect and any other supported by OpenSSL), xor, rot13, any arithmetic operator, new types of data, new functions, memory files, byte-per-byte memory operations, padding, append mode, uudecode/yenc/ascii85, simpler syntax and a lot of other things impossible to list here. these improvements have allowed to work even with complex archives or archives using particular types of obfuscations and encryptions like in the examples below. the documentation of the tool (first section for any user, the rest for developers) is available here and inside the package. all the implemented compression algorithms work with memory2memory/in-memory data so the source code of those that I modified for this job could be interesting.
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MultiEx Commander 4.3.1

Friday, February 19th, 2010
TitleMultiEx Commander 4.3.1
Estimated date2008-10-21
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionThe original game resource archive extractor and importer first created in 1997, and evolved to the 2008 version. Supports hundreds of games. MultiEx Commander 4.3.1 README.TXT ================================== October 2008 ================================== New stuff: ========== Top Changes: * Plugin to use all Game Extractor plugins * Updated Jaeder Naub * Removal of Wiki code * Code clean-up =----------------= (C) 1997-1998 SadCom Ltd. (C) 1999-2003 XeNTaX (C) 2003-2004 XeNTaX/GNU Public License (C) 2005 XeNTaX (C) 2006-2008 The Xentax Foundation =----------------=
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