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Quick BMS Editor GUI 2.0 beta

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
TitleQuick BMS Editor GUI 2.0 beta
Estimated date2012-11-29

HI all coz i just started with Quick BMS application and i dont really like command line on windows, i develop a simple GUI for quickbms.exe. I dont know if out there is such a application, i did not find one, so i did it anyway. Might someone find it usefull.

- real progress bar
- proper error handling
- advance log file
- more tools

Features & Version:

======== version 2.0 beta ========
[+] fixed a lot of bugs
[+] replace old syntax editor with a new one
[+] integrated Simple HEX Editor
[+] Key Editor from settings
[+] autoupdate for qbms.exe
[+] Project functionality added
[+] real time command string monitor
[+] custom qbms variables
[+] fixed problem with double quotes
[+] command whisper(beta) gr8 functions
[+] line grouping to syntax editor
[+] option to open HTML format from qbms
[+] And lot of more :D

======== ]version 1.5.8 beta========

[+] added tool MD5 check
[+] added tool File Size Changer
[+] added Advance Options Functionality
[+] added Stop Proccess button
[*] fixed proccess update in real time
[*] fixed now it handle the quickbms.exe correctly
[+] added in BETA stage Aluigi Script Online (on the fly)
[*] fix the reloading scripts
[*] fix all spelling mistakes (hope :) )
[+] added help for each option
[+] fix the hanging of quickbms.exe if application is going down
[+] Fixed a lot of bugs.....

and a lot of more .... :)

======== version 1.1.2 beta ========

- colored commands
- implemeted all settings from quickbms
- export systemem
- advance debug window
- reimport function imlemented
- extract function implemented
- all settings can be saved to ini
- user can definy what command need to be colored
- hex editor
- and more....

Please be notice this is only beta version and there could be a lot of bugs. Also no any error handling in this version. If you have any question or you want just report some error please let me know in here or if you would like to propose some change.

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