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F-Zero GX Model Viewer (ALPHA) for GameCube

Thursday, July 28th, 2011
TitleF-Zero GX Model Viewer (ALPHA)
Game(s)F-Zero GX
Estimated date2011-06-23
DescriptionFirst you need to unpack the files you want to view with the unpacker at When  you launch the program, it'll ask you for a GMA file, then a TPL file.  Just select a pair of those and you'll see the model (unless it's one of  the models that doesn't work yet. AFAIK, all stages and vehicles work,  and characters DON'T work yet. remember this is an alpha!). That's all. Well, you can also toggle textures and export to OBJ+MTL+textures. Remember to read COPYING (GPL v3) and CREDITS!
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