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DPK4 Utility

Friday, January 3rd, 2014
TitleDPK4 Utility (
  • Impact Engine games (City Interactive)
  • Many games developed by Paweł Mrocheń
Estimated date2014-01-06
CategoryGame Resource Archives

This is a fully functioned program for extracting and creating DPK4 format game archives. Aside from the basic extraction functionality, it features a merging function, which allows you to merge any number of directories and other DPK4 archives into one.

To extract, just drag and drop the .dpk archive on to the program, and its files will be extracted into a subdirectory. To merge, specify the /md switch with the directory you want to add (e.g. /md=dataDir), or /mp with the path to another DPK4 archive you want to add (e.g. /mp=mymod.dpk). These switches can be specified multiple times to merge multiple directories and archives.

New archives are written to a temporary file first, so if merging fails, your original file is still intact.

Update Jan. 6, 2014 []: More accurately reflected file entry fields (i.e. changed types), and warned if trying to insert files that are larger than can be represented by unsigned 32 bit number (though no check on the DPK size itself).

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