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PSP DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean) .TPA tool

Monday, April 15th, 2013
TitlePSP DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean) .TPA tool (1.0)
Game(s)DJMAX Portable 3
Estimated date2011-01-14
CategoryGame Resource Archives

PMF and AT3
Media file extractor and injector tool
For PSP Game DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean)
Created By - Cozy
UpEx tool by skybladecloud

This tool will extract all the at3 files out of the STREAMS.TPA and all the pmf files out of the STREAMV.TPA and also reinject the files back in!
Just put the two files into the same folder as the tool!and run the run_me.bat file,and follow the instructions.

Plus if you are downsampling the videos or audio files this tool will also pad the files to the original size,and if the files are larger then the tool will skip that file leaveing the original intact!!


and a special thanx to skybladecloud for the UpEx tool!!! and Gnie for his help.

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Saturday, January 5th, 2013
TitleGenereplay (1.0)
Game(s)Command and Conquer: Generals, Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour
Estimated date2011-11-26

Genereplay is a tool that will dump data from games (replays) of C&C Generals while they play.

After that you can use the data it generated for further analyes in other programs.

Stuff such as resources, units build, units destroyed etc per player are saved in one tab-delimited file.

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GOBREAD (August 8 2011 version)

Friday, January 4th, 2013
Estimated date2011-08-08
CategoryGame Resource Archives
GOBREAD is a program which extracts files from such called "container files" of many programs, mostly games.
At this time almost 100 different formats (not mentioning derivatives!) are supported.

In almost any case it is able to extract all files and fully reconstruct the file structure from a supported container file.
GOBREAD works ONLY on all 16/32bit M$-platforms since M$DOS 3.31.

- Extracts container files which have a managable structure.
- Recognizes many formats automatically.
- Decompresses files using built-in ZLIB and LZSS libraries.
- Handles encryption methods.
- Is being updated loosely.

If you are interested, you can download the latest version below.

These formats are currently supported (August 8, 2011):

Currently supported formats:

13th Century - Death or Glory, PAK-files
Area 51, DFS+000-files
Armored Fist 2, RES-files
Adventure Game Studio, EXE/0xx-Files
America, RDA-files
Monolith-games ARCH??-files
F.E.A.R. 2: BNDL-/LVBNDL-files
Ascendancy, COB-files
Aliens versus Predator 1, FFL-files
Angels versus Devils, DAT-files
7.62: High Calibre, AZP-files
BC-Kings, MED-file
Baphomets Fluch 4/Broken Sword, PAK-files
BloodRayne, POD-files
Beach Volleyball Online, RAD-files
Border Zone, RES-files
Comanche 3, RES-files (s. a. AFIST2)
Combat Wings, file 'data'
Dreamstripper (and others?), CBN-files
Commandos and -Expansion, WARGAME.DIR
Cossacks, GSx-files
Curse: The Eye Of Isis, file GAME.AE
Daikatana, PAK-files
Die By The Sword, ATD-files
Wintermute Games, DCP-files
Dark Forces, GOB-files
Digital Publishing, EXE-files
Dungeon Keeper 2, WAD-files
Dawn Of Aces, TEX/TRN-files
Dominion, RDF-file
Das schwarze Auge, ALF-files
Das schwarze Auge: Drakensang, NPK-files
Dune, file DUNE.DAT
Frank Herberts Dune, DUN-files
Flesh Feast, MUF-files
Fallout 1, DAT-files
Games by Havok/Cauldron,FS-files
Giants, GZP-files
GRP-files (Blood,DukeNukem3D,RedneckRampage...)
GUT-files (Soldier, ShadowCompany...)
Heroes of Might and Magic 2, AGG-file
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, SND-files
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, VID-files
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, LOD-files
Hellforces, RES-files
Haemimont Games, HPK-files
Hostage Rescue, PACK.CSA
Hostile Waters, MNG-files
ID-Software, PAK-files (Quake,Kingpin,HalfLife...)
Jericho, .packed-files
Kreed, PAK-files
LucasArts-Games, LAB-files
Apache Longbow 2, TRE-files
Lucas-Arts-Games, LFD-files (DarkForces,TieFighter...)
Legend: Hand of God, PAK(+DAT)-files
Light of Altair, MAIN.PAK
Command & Conquer Renegade, MIX-files
Messiah, DTA-files (IDX-file must also exist in source location)
Mortyr/Wolfschanze 1944, file MAIN.HAL
Moto Racer, BKF-files
Monolith Productions, RES-files (Blood2, Rage of Mages...)
Memento Mori, RES-files
Shellshock NAM67, ASSETS??.DAT-files
Nancy Drew Series, DAT-/CIF-files
Nascar Racing 2, DAT-files
Nikopol, O??-files
Nocturne, POD-files
Nocturne, POD-file
NecroVisioN, PAK-files
Ominous Horizon, OMINOUS.GLM
Outwars, FF-files
Paragraph 78, BIN-files
Patrizier 2, CPR-files
Panzer Elite Action, X-files
NovaLogic, PFF-files (DeltaForce, F16...)
Painkiller, PAK-files
Postal, SAK-files (not complete)
Privateer 1, TRE-files
Terminal Velocity, POD-files
Operation Flashpoint, PBO-files
Rampage, BSA-file
Red Faction, VPP-files
Requital, RES-files
Helldorado, PAK-files
Sim City 2000, SC2000.DAT
LESTA Studio Games, SMA-files
Secret Service 2, CHR-/SS-files
SIN 1, PAK-files
Starship Troopers, SLAK-files
Star Trek Hidden Evil, FF-files
SystemShock 1, RES-files
Stolen, BCB-files
Stolen, PAK-files
Gas Powered Games ""Tank"" container, *MAP/*RES-files
Tomb Raider 3, CDAUDIO.WAD
Turok 2, 11K/11C-files
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual, VBF-files
Death To Spies, VFS-files
Warcraft II (incl. expansion-CD)
Wolfenstein 2, MPK-/SPK-files
3D-Gamestudio (e.g. Baggersimulator), WRS-files
X2-Wolverine/Spiderman/PRO-BMX, PKR-files (BZIP2+WAVPACK reqd.)
World War 2 Fighters, SQ?-files
Yager, YRF-files
Zanzarah, DATA_0.PAK
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Unpakke 0.4b

Saturday, December 1st, 2012
TitleUnpakke 0.4b
Estimated date2011-04-04
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionUnpakke is a small and easy to use tool for the modification of resource files. It provides an elegant solution to the problem of distributing large archives, as it gives the ability to distribute only the modified files. A manual and all modules are included in this pack. See also for all 52 games supported.
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Kingdom Hearts BBS - Save Editor v0.4

Friday, November 23rd, 2012
TitleKingdom Hearts BBS - Save Editor v0.4
Game(s)Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Estimated date2011-12-29
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionHow to Use : - First download the Savegame Deemer plugin, enable it and use it to obtain your decrypted savefiles - Then in the SAVEPLAIN folder that appeared, you only have to locate in which save folder is the save you wanna edit (for example your first save slot is ULJM057750000, your second ULJM057750001, etc ...) - So launch the program, click on the "Open" button, go to your save folder and select the SDDATA.BIN file you see inside. - Now you can change everything you want, click "Save" when you're finished. You're done ! - Now just start the game with Savegame Deemer enabled and load from the save you edited, enjoy ;) + be aware that US / EUR savefiles are completely identical, you can freely swap their .BIN files as you like
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L.A. Noire WAD tool

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
TitleL.A. Noire WAD tool
Game(s)L.A. Noire
Estimated date2011-05-25
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionI've created this tool a while ago, it works with both the ps3 and Xbox360 versions of the game. PS:I only used it to unpackrepack the out.wad, can't say if it works with other .wad in the game.
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Dark Cloud unpacker/repacker

Monday, August 29th, 2011
TitleDark Cloud unpacker/repacker
Game(s)Dark Cloud
Estimated date2011-05-6
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionWhite Cloud is used to extract, Light Cloud is used to repack. Used with the data.dat and data.hd2 files. The tools also work with Dark Cloud 2 (Also known as Dark Chronicle)
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SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 roster editor v19

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
TitleSMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 roster editor v19
Game(s)Smackdown vs RAW 2010
Estimated date2011-06-30
Author(s)Nike the Bike
Description1. You can now export arenas from BG.PAC. 2. You can now import arenas to BG.PAC. 3. Global stat changes (example: add/remove 5 from speed for all characters) 4. Some new images were added for the interface. 5. Characters without models always marked in red. 6. Other small changes... The XeNTaX blog package does not include the jruby package.
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JSRF Tool v0.2 - Extract Models, Textures and Sounds

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
TitleJSRF Tool v0.2
Game(s)Jet Set Radio Future
Estimated date2011-06-01
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionExtracts: -Models (characters, objects, levels..) -Textures -Sounds -Texture injection (experimental) only enabled for levels. Open .dat and .bin JSRF container files, extract all kinds of models(characters, objects, levels) with uvmaps and materials (wavefront  .OBJ & .MTL) and textures bmp(with alpha channel), also extracts sounds to .wav.
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Settlers 3 - Text extractor MexScript

Friday, July 29th, 2011
TitleSettlers 3 - Text extractor MexScript
Game(s)Settlers 3
Estimated date2011-06-11
DescriptionMexScript to extract the text data from The Settlers 3 .DAT files. Use MultEx Commander to run the script (external link).
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