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What is this?
This is a bulletin board and archive for members of the Game Research Forum community to share their tools, their specific information or tutorial to prevend that from getting lost in all the threads at the forum. This is meant to provide an easy way of navigating through all the important stuff that came about after all the discussion at the forum.

Who can post here?

If you have a registered account at the Game Research Forum you can also post at the blog. The purpose of this blog is to have a single place where all of our game tools can be stored and easily found back. Be it custom-made tools by request of someone at the forum, or tools that you found on the internet, post it here so everyone can find it and use it! Make sure however that you provide the standardized information you can read in this post.

Abuse is not tolerated!
Abuse can be all kinds of disrespect to our policy, including uploading porn and warez or discriminating and jerkish behaviour. Do no violate our trust.

What can you post?
You can post any game related tools you found or created yourself.



First, go to Site-admin as you are logged in at the forum. Then go to Posts->Add New.

Use the Custom Field Template to add stuff. Check out this picture for details, and follow the instructions:


Finally, you should add the appropriate category. I’ve created a few, make sure that whenever you add something for a new game, you create a new tag for it. Does the tag already exist? Then use that one instead.

After everything is complete, hit the Publish button!

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