Stella Games Image Decompositor (Noveau) 2.0

December 4th, 2012 by GMMan

TitleStella Games Image Decompositor (Noveau) 2.0
  • Secrets of Power: Alexander the Great
  • Elementals: The Magic Key, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion
Estimated date2012-12-04
DescriptionThis is a rewrite of the previous image decompositor, and does not use the game engine to do the decompositing. This program takes all the image resources that have been composited, and separates those images back out. This makes it easy to find the images and edit them if you wish. Just supply the repository root path (must be extracted) to the tool, and it'll separate out all the files that are in composites. The output format is PNG, and the input can be DDS, PNG (as of Alexander the Great), and Targa (very recently). As usual, do not steal other people's art assets and use it in your own projects. The reason the program was rewritten is because the engine needs to be wrangled to not alpha blend, and in Alexander the Great transparency is very screwed up. Therefore I used a proven library (FreeImage and System.Drawing) to read and write images, putting problematic code out of the way. It works much faster than the game engine, and doesn't run out of memory or crash like the game engine does.
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