Stella Games Assembly Deobfuscator 1.0

December 4th, 2012 by GMMan

TitleStella Games Assembly Deobfuscator
  • Secrets of Power: Alexander the Great
  • Elementals: The Magic Key, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion
Estimated date2012-12-04
DescriptionThis tool decrypts the assemblies from the 'bin' folder inside the game folder and attempts to restore their original names. The resulting files can then be referenced by .NET programs for use. You will need to point the tool to Startup.bin, which is the initial assembly deobfuscator. Startup.bin must be from a game later than Elementals: The Magic Key (i.e. Mystery of Mortlake Mansion and Secrets of Power: Alexander the Great), because the version in Elementals is obfuscated in itself. After that, pick the bin directory, and click on "Deobfuscate". You'll see the log window scroll, and when it's done you may see files that need "rectifying". Pick one, click on "Rectify", and swap the letters from the bottom box until it successfully deobfuscates. Note that you do not need to deobfuscate 1h0iv6hs00twjvh8wr.bin and z03zw30tp0nn0sjixs.bin, as they are merely flags and their contents are in one of the other files.
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