BLOPS2WAV for COD:Black Ops

July 26th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse
Game(s)Call of Duty: Black Ops
Estimated date2011-07-11
DescriptionHow to use this tool? -It's really simple. Drag this blops2wav.exe to your main directory where COD:BO is installed. This is, for most people on PC, X:SteamSteamAppscommoncall of duty black opsmain, where x stands for your drive name. If you made safe-copies of the .iwd's to some other dir, feel free to copy the .exe there. When you have the .exe in the same directory where the .iwd's are, select the .iwd's with your mouse (all of the ones you wish to extract from) and drag them into blops2wav.exe. The window will then open and tell you that you need to wait a bit until it finishes. Look at the picture 'help.jpg' enclosed with this package to get some visual help.
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