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May 20th, 2014 by GMMan
TitleGameloft ZIP Unscrambler (
Game(s)Gameloft Glitch Engine games
Estimated date2014-05-20
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This tool unscrambles certain types of files from Gameloft games. These files are standard ZIP files that have their signatures altered and header data XOR encrypted. This tool will restore the file so it is readable as a standard .zip file. To use, drag and drop the scrambled ZIP (likely with a file extension of .gla), and the tool will write the unscrambled ZIP to the same path but with a .zip extension instead of whatever extension it had before. You can also specify the input path and output path on the command line if you don't like where the program puts the unscrambled file by default. Run without arguments to see help.

Note: This program is not designed for older versions of the scrambled ZIP files. Those versions only have their signatures modified. They can be easily converted back to a standard .zip with binary search and replace. For other .gla files, see the Gameloft .gla Extractor.

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