[GC] Star Fox Adventures - Audio, Textures and misc tools

April 7th, 2014 by devilot
Title[GC] Star Fox Adventures - Audio, Textures and misc tools (Update in progress)
Game(s)Star Fox Adventures
Estimated date2014-04-04
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Star Fox Adventures (SFA) started as Dinosaur Planet on the Nintendo 64. It was awesome.
Later it was decided to turn it into a Star Fox game for the GameCube. It's still a pretty fun game, but not half as promising as Dinosaur Planet.
A while ago the kiosk version (for display at shops) of Star Fox Adventures was leaked.
Inside the files, people began finding things like all audio from Dinosaur Planet (midi), 1.5 hours of voice acting, the gametext and more.

Since then I have also been active in researching this game.
I've held an interview with Dinosaur Planet and Star Fox Adventures' lead developer Phil Tossell (Click here), and contacted many other team members as well.

(Devilot's note: the other tool is too big to upload here, so I am uploading only one)

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