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TitleEZ-BMS (1.2)
Estimated date2013-06-30
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1. Put your .BMS files in the BMS folder
2. Place your archive(s) in the INPUT folder
3. Open EZ-BMS.exe and type your selection 1-2 "1 will execute QuickBMS interface, 2 will recycle and recreate your INPUT and OUTPUT folder "for lazy users""
4. if you chose selection [1] then you are prompted with selections 1-4. They each have a different command.

[1] Use no commands
[2] "-r"   experimental reimport option that should work with many archives
[3] "-."   don't terminate QuickBMS if there is an error while parsing multiple
files (like wrong compression or small file), just continue with the
other files in the folder
[4] "-d"   automatically create an additional output folder with the name of the
input folder and file processed, eg. models/mychar/mychar.arc/FILES

5. The output of the archive will be found in the OUTPUT folder
"If you wish to quit the program, just press enter with no selection."

Try to use only 1 .BMS file at a time, leave only 1 in the BMS folder as it automatically searches for them no matter what they are named.

V1.2 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.23a- QuickBMS upgrade.
V1.1 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.22- Bugfixes and QuickBMS upgrade.
v1.0 based upon QuickBMS 0.5.21a- Portable .exe, based upon the idea of use for non programmers who need a GUI interfaced tool.

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