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Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Game(s)Fall-Out: New Vegas
Estimated date2010-10-12
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DescriptionAfter countless hours with hex editor i figured how to convert .bsa files from pc to xbox 360 compatible versions. This  is a command line tool. Provide path to where .bsa file is on your PC  as only command line argument and it will make necessary patches to it  to make it compatible with Fallout NV on 360. NOTE: tou may want to create backup of that file first. This app main use is to put textures and meshes into .bsa, then put that .bsa into LIVE/DLC container. Keep in mind that many textures that work on PC doesn't work on 360 and will still not work if using this method. So far i've tried convert few pc mods and it worked as expected. If using unmodified .bsa on 360, console will hard crash on "Press START" screen. To put some mod into LIVE/DLC container first create .bsa with Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM). then name .bsa and .esp file mod comes with using following formula: (note: add " - Main" string to file name) ".esp" " - Main.bsa" for example: "Better Binoculars.esp" "Better Binoculars - Main.bsa" then create LIVE/DLC container using XLAST with this two files in root directory. finally upload LIVE/DLC to 360 HDD's 'Content' directory. it is this dir: /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/425307E0
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