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GTA IV Xbox 360 Texture Editor

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
TitleGTA IV Xbox 360 Texture Editor
Game(s)Grand Theft Auto IV
Estimated date2010-07-20
DescriptionJust extract any .XTD file from your ISO via  OpenIV, open it up in the xtd section of the program. Extract one or all  of the .dds files that are in your .XTD. Open the .dds files via  Photoshop or any photo editing tool. After finished inject it back, you  can swap PC .dds textures for the 360 ones. In the viewer, pay attention  to the DXT format and levels as you will have to save it like that in  photoshop for it to work. Thanks to Pimpin Tyler and Anthony for completing and finally releasing the build and source.
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