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TheDarkGraphics (Diablo, TheDark) - *.CEL/*.CL2

Monday, June 24th, 2013
TitleTheDarkGraphics (Diablo, TheDark) - *.CEL/*.CL2
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Estimated date2013-06-09

TheDarkGraphics (TDG) is a utility program developed according to the modding needs of TheDark game (Versions 5.x).
I think that it should work also with Diablo files.

The main features of TDG are:
· Displaying/Animating/Creating/Editing/Converting Grouped/Ungrouped CEL/CL2 files (except CEL files that contain map tiles).
· Displaying/Editing/Creating PAL and TRN files
· Displaying/Editing/Creating map files (CEL, MIN, SOL, TIL, AMP).

The program uses an intuitive and simple interface with instant feedback. No installation is required and it can work well on older machines.

TDG can be used for editing and creating CEL/CL2 files. Some of the common tasks are outlined below:

Editing CEL/CL2 files
The typical scenario for editing a CEL/CL2 file is as follows
· Open a CEL/CL2 file
· Save it to a BMP file.
· Edit the BMP file(s) using MSPaint
· Open the edited BMP file
· Save it as a CEL/CL2 file.

Adding/Removing Frames from/to a CEL/CL2 file
To add/remove frames:
· Open a multi-frame CEL/CL2 file
· Save it to individual Single-Frame CEL/CL2 files using a BO.
· Adjust the filenames as desired
· Save it as a CEL/CL2 file using a BO.

Display individual BMP together as a set of Frames
· Adjust the filenames as desired.
· Open a BMP file using a BO.

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