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PSP DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean) .TPA tool

Monday, April 15th, 2013
TitlePSP DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean) .TPA tool (1.0)
Game(s)DJMAX Portable 3
Estimated date2011-01-14
CategoryGame Resource Archives

PMF and AT3
Media file extractor and injector tool
For PSP Game DJMAX Portable 3 (Korean)
Created By - Cozy
UpEx tool by skybladecloud

This tool will extract all the at3 files out of the STREAMS.TPA and all the pmf files out of the STREAMV.TPA and also reinject the files back in!
Just put the two files into the same folder as the tool!and run the run_me.bat file,and follow the instructions.

Plus if you are downsampling the videos or audio files this tool will also pad the files to the original size,and if the files are larger then the tool will skip that file leaveing the original intact!!


and a special thanx to skybladecloud for the UpEx tool!!! and Gnie for his help.

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