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Final Fantasy VIII - Tools

Saturday, April 6th, 2013
TitleFinal Fantasy VIII - Tools (1.0)
Game(s)Final Fantasy 8
Estimated date2013-04-07
  • MaV
  • Qhimm
CategoryGame Resource Archives

A nice tool pack for Final Fantasy 8. You can edit all game with ths tools.

This Tool Pack contains:

- detailed guides for translating final fantasy 8
- Garden from Qhimm. This program can decompile (extract) all files from the game
- Moomba by Colly. Moomba finds MSD files.
- You can edit menu by a M4v3R program, ff8msg.exe
- Translhextion and Thingy tables for FF8.
- Omega by M4v3R. Bitmaps extracted by this program, better edit (save) by MS Paint
- Carbuncle, version 0.9
- TIM viewer & TIM plugins for GIMP
- FF8 Archive Commander by M4v3R

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