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Spyro: year of the dragon - translation pack

Saturday, April 6th, 2013
TitleSpyro: year of the dragon - translation pack (1.0)
Game(s)Spyro: year of the dragon
Estimated date2013-04-07
CategoryGame Resource Archives

Hello. I have great news! Thanks to aleksusklim, ViToTiV and whole team from and their amazing tools, I can show you this tool pack for Spyro:

That archive contains all important things that you have to know when you want to translate Spyro in your language.

You can find inside:

All Wad Manager - very powerful for extracting and
importing texts from WAD file. It has many other options too.

XA Audio Converter - very simple tool to make dubbing in your
language to Spyro

Tile Molester - tool that you can see tiles in game and edit them.
Very useful with changing fonts.

WAD Extractor - the most important and the easiest in use utility
that can extract WAD file for us.

Texts to translate - every text that you can see in game

Eggs localisation - localisation of every egg in game

And many text files with instructions that will be very helpful :)

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