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Saturday, April 6th, 2013
TitleREZ Tools (1.0)
  • No One Lives Forever
  • Global Operations
Estimated date2013-04-17
CategoryGame Resource Archives

I have for you great tool pack for all games using *.REZ format (Shogo, Blood II, No One Lives Forever, Aliens Versus Predator 2, Global Operations, Purge, No One Lives Forever 2, Tron 2.0 etc.)

This Tool Pack contains:

- DTXView: Allows you to see DTX Files in Windows
- DTXShell: Adds DTX Thumbnails to Windows
- ResEdit: Allows for direct editting of strings in Resource DLLs
- WinRez LT: Create/Extract & Modify Rez Files
- WinRez Shell: Adds WinRez to the Windows Context Menu's
- Rez Inject: Insert a file into an existing Rez File
- Rez Merger: Combine multiple Rez files into one
- DTX Convert & DTX Photoshop Plugin

WinRez is a Windows-Application that allows you to Create, Extract, View and Modify 'Rez' Files. Rez Files are the resource files used by the LithTech Engine. This release supports reading the Combat Arms Rez File format. It Improves on the Original 'LithRez' tool, by having:
Easy-to-Use Windows Explorer Look & Feel
Drag & Drop Functionality
Shell Extensions (like winzip) - Right click in any file window and you can Rez/Unrez!
File Viewing
and a lot more!

Rez Inject
Insert a file into an existing Rez File
Combat Arms used a slightly different Rez File Format that Winrez could not write. This tools lets you insert your custom modifications into the existing Rez files. Obviously make a backup first!
There's plenty of tutorials out there on youtube etc on how to use this tool

Rez Merger
Combine multiple Rez files into one
A lot of modders end up with multiple Rez files for their mods. Sometimes you just want to combine the two into one large one. While technically you could un-rez both of them, and re-rez the result, this tool makes it much easier to combine multiple Rez Files.

DTX Convert & DTX Photoshop Plugin
Combat Arms Texture Processor & Photoshop Plugin
Combat Arms also used a slightly different Texture format (DTX). This tools converts it to the standard LithTech DTX so that the Photoshop plugin works with the textures.
The process to change a texture would be; Extract & Convert to Normal DTX, Edit in Photoshop & Save, Convert Back to Combat Arms & Inject. Again there are several videos on youtube showing how to do this.

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