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Piecemontee SF4 Explorer V0.33

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
TitlePiecemontee SF4 Explorer V0.33
Game(s)Street Fighter IV
Estimated date2009-08-19
DescriptionPiecemontee's Street Fighter IV assets explorer will open up those  model files for you to play around with: .EMO, .SMD. DONE: - EMZ decompression (compressed file backup to NAME.compressed) - model display - textures display - Character Sub model  toggle (thanks LouNGeR) - DDS texture extraction/injection  (with  file backup) - fixed 100%CPU usage - textured character models  (open .cos and .col and select #EMO or #EMG) - file drag and drop -  simple geometry extraction/injection[/b] (vertex inject only available  #EMG)fixed vertex count detection -  skeletton display - EMM materials browsing (no edition yet) -  rendering option toolbar: skeleton, wireframe, .... - advanced models  shading (bump map & correct ink shader) - fixed normals and face orientation OBJ export (EMO/EMG) Again! - animation names listing (#EMA) TODO: - EMM materials edition -  resized asset injector - full model extraction/injection (#EMO) MORE  TODO: - EMZ recompression - skeletton skinning & animation  display - Readme/Manual Thanks : - LouNGeR for model  on/off, - magnum@Xentax for skeletton&texture assignment ids.
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