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Friday, January 4th, 2013
TitleAsuraASR 0.2.1 (0.2.1)
Game(s)NeverDead, Sniper Elite V2, Aliens vs Predator, Rogue Warrior
Estimated date2012-08-16
CategoryGame Resource Archives

This tool can handle the Asura Engine ASR files. Except compressed format!

Unpack: Drag&Drop an .asr file onto AsuraASR.exe or use command line: AsuraASR.exe xy.asr/asrBE/en/enBE.
Repack: Drag&Drop an .asr file or az unpacked folder onto AsuraASR.exe or use command line: AsuraASR.exe xy.asr/asrBE/en/enBE or AsuraASR.exe UnpackFolder
You can freely rename the exe!

The tool unpack the content of asr file, if not exist the output folder, which created by this tool. The unpacked files has no real name, but has extension!
The tool can create new asr file if you drag&drop a file (ONLY IF the unpacked folder exist) or even a folder onto the tool. The name or extension of files inside the given folder doesn't matter! The tool will read and use them in alphabetic order.

v0.1.0 - Unpack content of ASR file into folder, PC/Console supported
v0.2.1 - Repack function, unpacked files have extension

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