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XeNTaX Tool Pack 1.2

Friday, February 19th, 2010
TitleXeNTaX Tool Pack 1.2
Game(s)Star Wars Galaxies,Painkiller,Playboy: The Mansion,Lock on,Counterstrike
Estimated date2010-02-19
CategoryGame Resource Archives
DescriptionI’ve released a new tool pack + loader! </strong>In the new work-in-progress tool pack you will find 10 tools: PICT2BMP, VFS Extractor, Painfull, Sexwad, ClipMon, base64, CDDS2DDS, TRE Archiver, DownScanner and FileCutter. A lot of them are not idiot proof and are undocumented. Come to the forum if you have questions about them. Oh, and there’s a loader music, called NWP1999D. It’s an oldie by me, but still a nice ode to StarCraft hehe.
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