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RaiderZ OBT Extractor

Friday, November 16th, 2012
TitleRaiderZ OBT Extractor
Game(s)RaiderZ, GunZ: The Second Duel
Estimated date2012-10-23
CategoryGame Resource Archives
Descriptionz3ResEx +----------------------------------- Extracts the filesystem from RaiderZ and GunZ: The Second Duel clients. Usage +----------------------------------- z3ResEx.exe [client_path] [-v|l] To begin immediate extraction from the current directory, run from the command line without any arguments: z3ResEx.exe Credits +----------------------------------- Researched and coded by x1nixmzeng. Thanks to Sir Kane who identified the Crypto++ method, to the members of the XeNTaX community, and those who shared download links to various clients. Usage Terms +----------------------------------- This tool was written for personal use only. Please respect that the content you extract is owned by somebody else and should not be re-distributed without legal permissions from the copyright owner.
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