Error with file (TEX, etc) help please
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Author:  lUIGUIPIETRO [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Error with file (TEX, etc) help please

I want to extract the content of "Red Dead Revolver" for a long time. I recently discovered that with the "iRipper" program I can see the game files on PS2 and Xbox. The problem is that when I strike any file I get an error. Then the program continues. I can even extract the files. These files have X megas but nevertheless, when I open them with the HxD program they are empty. I know that the program was made for other games but nevertheless, you see the content that the files have. If someone has the solution, .. ThanksImage

, I can not have discovered something. With version 1.8b I can preview the files. In ps2 they look pixelated and when they download it they remain the same. In xbox I can see the files but when I extract it, I can not open the XTEX files. I have attached files because I would also like to know what is the file for 3d models and how I can open them.



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