All Engine In UBISOFT Is A Big Lie!
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Author:  GHOST DEAD [ Fri May 19, 2017 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  All Engine In UBISOFT Is A Big Lie!

hey guys... i find all format of file in assassins creed games...
font map (X & Y, glyph map)= .ffd (like ffd in farcry3 or watch dogs2)
texturefont=dds1 & dds3 & dds5 (.dds)
text=xml & ini
scripts= .ini
3d models= .3dh
graphic display(like fire, rain, blast, smoke)= .swf (flash files)

any file in all engine of UBISOFT ,was like other games... (in UBISOFT company)
for example, .ffd just created for dunia engine... i saw that file in forge files, in assassins creed games!
so... i saw swf files in farcry... and i saw that type of swf in assassins creeds (all assassins creed games)
anvil next... dunia engine... unreal engine 3 and unreasl engine 4 in ubisoft... is not really!
i tried to edit splinter cell black list but i see this game is not created with unreal engine 4!
ubisoft have a secret engine! no dunia engine... no unreal engine... just a secret engine!
and this engine have a real imperfectness ( a big problem)...
problem: everyone tried on .forge files... i try in hex editor... in clip board of file
we dont have to extract forge! we dont have repack! first we must decomressing a forge file...
all forge files is compressed and we never can repack a compressed file! never!
for edit all ubisoft games... we must decompress them! archive_next can not any help...
archive_next can decompressing a dds of file in forge!
if we docompress a .forge file to full... we can edit all assassins creed games and anvil next and all engines!
for edit UBISOFT games, we must decompress those package! (in all game of ubisoft)

Author:  Taner038 [ Fri May 19, 2017 6:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: All Engine In UBISOFT Is A Big Lie!

Can you share watch dogs txt ? Or tools?

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