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 Post subject: Ultima 9 Tool Suite 2000 David Churchill [.FLX]
PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2016 7:20 am 

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What's Included

u9xt.exe <filename.flx> <id number> <output file>

The flx files in static and sound are just lots of little files all globbed into
one. This program will extract the id'th (zero based) item from filename.flx
and dump it info output file.

u9books.exe <bookfile.flx>

The books file (eg. books-en.flx) contains all the books in the game, as well
as the shops (ooh, I see some cheap goods in the near future), and journal entries
for major items. Running this will create a u9-books directory under the current
directory and dump a heap of html files in it. Once it's finished (takes a little
time, be patient), simply open up index.html. Note that the formatting codes
in the books file aren't translated very well yet...

u9snd.exe [-i] [-r <min>-<max>] -f <inputfile>

This program will extract all sounds except speech (type 2 encoded) from the sound
files (music.flx, speech.flx, sfx.flx). Use -i to make the program only create an
index, -r to set the range of items to work on (get id numbers from the index), -f
to set the filename. Only -f is required, by default the program will extract
_all_ sounds in a particualar file. Be sure you have a heap of space free!

u9txv.exe <texturefilename>

This program will display the textures in a texture file (only texture8.* at the
moment). It requires 1024x768x16 to run, although this is easily changed if
you can recompile it. Use the '<' and '>' keys (well, actually ',' and '.') to
move to new textures - it's probably better to use '>', as it currently displays
the textures sequentially across the screen. To exit simply hit escape.

u9bmp.exe [gfx-mode-id]

This program will display the images contained in bitmap16.flx, which must be
in the current directory. gfx-mode-id is optional; to get a list of valid
values run u9bmp with -? as a parameter. A video card capable of a 16-bit
resolution is needed for this. Yours probably is, but might still not work.
If you have problems try installing a VESA BIOS driver (like the Scitech
Display Doctor), otherwise contact me and I see if I can help out.
NB: The function to export the images to .bmp files creates 16-bit colour
bitmap files. AFAIK the format it produces conforms to the standard,
and at the least mspaint will read them. If you have trouble loading
them into your favourite image manipulation program, try loading them
in Paint and then saving them from there - better yet, try to fix the
bug in my .bmp code :P

Use the following keys to browse the images:

'v' - foward 1 'f' - back 1
'c' - foward 10 'd' - back 10
'x' - foward 100 's' - back 100
'z' - foward 1000 'a' - back 1000

<cr> - dump current image(s) to .bmp files (see note above).

' ' (space) - toggle mask (removes transparency info, try this if an image looks
esc - exit

i try https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.bursik.de/*
but no success maybe somebody have?

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