Xbox360 Darkness 2 Modding Savegames
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Author:  EnigmaUK [ Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Xbox360 Darkness 2 Modding Savegames

hello peeps forgive me im new here and its my first post so lets have a slice of Darkness 2 savegame mods
this is a siple savegame mod for the game that will help boost your Essence Levels and Talent point levels

your gonna need 360revolution (or any other resigner you wish to use)
a darkness 2 savegame
a hex editor (either hxd or hex workshop)

first off open 360revolution(or your preffered resigner)
drag your Darkness 2 save into it
right click CONTINUE.SAV and Extract to desktop
now close 360revolution for now (or your desired resigner)

drop the Continue.SAV into hxd(or hex workshop)
(im using Hxd for this tut)

hit CTRL+F in hxd and do a test search for Essence
make sure search direction All is selected

now you will end up at Essence= (your amounts here)
on picture 3 notice the single byte i have highlighted the 0A
if you overwrite this byte you will kill your save
so what were gonna do is
overwrite the essence points teh value we have now with 9000000
after the last 0 put in a decimal dot . right click that and fill selection
with 0A
now we do the same with TalentPoints
when thats done hit F3 go to next Essence= and do the same again untill it says cannot find Essence
when completed close down hxd and save changes
now reopen 360revolution(or whatever resigner your using)
drag your UserSavecontent save back into it
click the content tab
highlight CONTINUE.SAV
right click and Select Inject
select your new modded CONTINUE.SAV AND CLICK OK
click the Main tab after that resign/rehash
and your all done load the save up and your good to go

nice and simple way to boost your stats and points for it
hopefully this tut made sense and apologys if its in the wrong place
peace out

Author:  godzcheater [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Xbox360 Darkness 2 Modding Savegames

360revolution is poorly coded, I would recommend Horizon, its STFS class is eminence.
And it is quicker to load the Save into a text stream(like sublime or notepad++) then you don't have to replace the 0x0A.

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