ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method
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Author:  Anomy [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method

I learned this today while doing some research on the type of compression\encryption method used on the CVM file I was trying to decode.

If you open a CVM file(or possibly any archive file) in a hex program and see something along the lines of


within the header, it was compiled using a tool called CRI ROFS from a japanese company called CRI MIDDLEWARE


To learn more about the how the format works go here.(Poorly Translated by Google)


And finally a list of games that will most likely have had this tool used on them.


Since as the site states the file system used is the ISO9660, maybe someone will be able to come up with a tool for extracting files
from these archives files that have used the ROFSBLD TOOL.

I hope this information proves to be useful and someone can put it to good use cause I sure could use tool for this :P

Author:  Anomy [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another bit of information I can only make a little sense out since it is translated from Japanese, and I have had no success using it, but someone else may realize what is being done here better than I.

Original Source

ROFS , By turning off the 0x1800 byte from the forefront of the file (header), and change the extension to .iso, Daemon tools can mount it.

With the header where 0x1800 is gone, then it seems that its retained with the file system ( ISO9660 )

ROFS (CVM) file format memo

B = byte (8bit)
W = word (16bit)
L = long word (32bit)

- ROFS version

offset 0xb800
1W: first data length = A
1L: START address START (little endian)
1L: START address START (big endian)
1L: FAT SIZE (little endian)
1L: FAT SIZE (big endian)
1B: 0x68??
1B: data length X
XB: ?? (date?)
4B: 01 00 00 01 ??
2B: 01 00 or 01 01
01 01 as for the FAT SIZE-related data end?

1W: next data length = B

here byte become A. Reading B Byte next, it processes.  

However, because completely it has become the same contents as A in regard to data which is read next, as for meaning in regard to data of B you do not understand well. For verification?

offset 0xb800 + A + B
1W: data length C


1L: START address START (little endian)
1L: START address START (big endian)
FILE START address = 0x800*START + 0x1800
1L: file size (little endian)
1L: file size (big endian)

1B: 0x68 ??
1B: data length Y
YB: ?? (date?)
4B: 01 00 00 01 ??
1B: file name length Z
ZB: file name
2B: 3B 31 (flag?)

0 fill are done

last 1W: In case of data length of following data D
0x0000, it adjusts the length of the following data and is packed (?)There is a place where it is done. The data other than
0x00 appears to has the necessity to search.  

The quantities of all to here byte become C. Reading D Byte next, it processes. However, it adjusts and is packed (?)When it was done, data length stops being agreeable.  

After returning to DATA FIRST, to FAT SIZE + 0x1800 it repeats processing.

Hope this helps a bit.

Author:  fatduck [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 1:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

ROFS = Read Only Files System
It had been using to creating Disk Image for long time! Is there any new technology came up? And I think there is an extractor for that but not sure if it is universal!?

Do a google search on 'ROFS' may come up for the tool!

If not I can upload it when I found it.

Author:  alera [ Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method

long ago I looked into this format and found out that it is actualy a normal iso with a slightly diferent header. I also found one file that had a compressed or encrypted file index. so those are a no go :(

This is what I had(not much)

struct ROFSRootEntry
int Offset;
short Unknown;
std::string Name;

struct ROFSEntry
unsigned short EntrySize; // Entry Header Size
unsigned int Address; // File start offset
unsigned int Size; // File Size
unsigned char Unk0[10];
unsigned short Unk;
std::string Name;

if I remember correctly the root entries are a listing of all directories in the file. from there the rofsentry structure is used to navigate the actual directory and file structure. a flag in the rofsentry structure tells if the entry is a directory(0x02) or a file(0x01) but I don't know where that was ^_^; when the entry is a directory the offset leads to another listing of directories or files. the file is padded to 4096 or 2048 I don't remember. (directories always have "." and ".." entries)

First read the root entries at offset ??? load them into memory and use that to get the entire file list(with rofsentry structure) it is just a bunch of interconnecting nodes.

That japanese document was incomplete when I first saw it... and the auto translation makes it even more dificult to read hehe.

Sorry I don't have a working program :(

Author:  roxfan [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method

I had some plans for a long writeup, but I think I'll just attach the sources and everyone can see for themselves.

Briefly, ROFS is a repackaged ISO9660 (CD filesystem) image, with some added headers and optionally encrypted file table. I managed to completely reverse both packing and encryption algos, the only thing you'll need is the password the game uses to open the file (if password is used). The password can usually be found in the binary next to the CVM filename, or strings like "VOL", "ROFS" or "ADXF_AddRofsVol".

It seems CRI is not using this format anymore but maybe this will help people working on some older gamea.

Author:  snakemeat [ Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method

Thanks a lot, and thanks for including the source for decrypting the header.

Author:  Brandondorf9999 [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ROFS Compression\?Encryption? Method

What are the hex values to the header with 0x1800? I can't find that on the ROFS.CVM.

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