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 Post subject: CLZ files from Harvest Moon: A(nother) Wonderful Life
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:02 pm 

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I've been working on a mod for some old gamecube games, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon:
Another Wonderful Life

However, I've hit into a wall as I can't seem to figure out the CLZ file format that seems to contain a large number of the game's data.

From what I've been able to figure out, they appear to be single-file compressed archives.

In some cases, the developers have managed to get around the single-file limitation by archiving multiple game files into a single U8 archive (*.arc file) and then compressing that (creating a *.arc.clz file).


The file seems to consist of the following:
  • The CLZ header at 0x00000000 (43 4C 5A)
  • Some variable at 0x00000005 (in this case, 53 54 90)
  • The same variable also at 0x0000000d (in this case, 53 54 90)
  • The compressed data starting at 0x00000011 (in this case, a U8 archive, noted by the U8 header 55 AA 38 2D)

The files are also present in the PS2 version of the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Special Edition.
Moreover, the PS2 version seems to contain both a compressed and uncompressed version of one of the files (mainchapter0.arc and mainchapter0.arc.clz). Although, I won't be able to fully confirm that they are the same until I get the clz version decompressed to compare the contents.


What advice could you guys give on decompressing these CLZ files?

I've started making a QuickBMS script to detect the file header, but I'm unsure of how to proceed. Most of the tutorials I've found all go over how to extract multi-file archives (with different offsets and filenames), as opposed to single compressed files (with only one output filename and always the same offset).

endian big
idstring "CLZ\x00"      //CLZ file identifier

get unknownVar1 long    //Unknown variable
get null long           //Blank space
get unknownVar2 long    //Repeat of unknown variable
get null byte           //More blank space

/* Compressed file contents start now */
//log compressed contents to other file

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