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 Post subject: CCS File Format (Dot Hack)
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:38 am 

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Hello there!

I've been talking with a Reverse Engineer named WarrantyVoider who is trying to RE the CCS file format found in .hack//IMOQ, Fragment, G.U. and Link. So far, using HackPics, Guhck, and Forte's CCS2OBJ as references, he's been able to create three utilities to assist in viewing, dumping, and editing the data and texture contents of the CCS files contained within IMOQ/Fragment's Data.bin, G.U. and onward's compressed CCS files.

So far, he's come to understand certain type's of data and identifiers used in the code to show what filetype each data blob represents, and he's already begun some work into understanding the blobs that represent model data. However, there have definitely been a few roadblocks at this point and we both thought it'd be a good idea to post here and see if maybe he could get any input.

Here are the utilities wv has coded to look into these files:

CCS File Explorer (Allows for in depth exploration and dumping of IMOQF's Data.bin and resulting CCS) as well as Texture Export:

Data.bin Reader (Most functions are now implemented in the more comprehensive CCSFE above, but this one processes G.U./Link CCS files as well via the "Compressed" format option):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/90tok58uz ... Reader.zip

Area Server Explorer (For editing/extracting Fragment's Area Server program and its CCS files):

I also have an index of files (based on texture/naming info) contained within Fragment's Data.BIN in particular to help provide a means of quickly finding whichever file someone is looking for:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/18FL ... sp=sharing

Some other things that may help include Forte's CCS2OBJ tool, which allows one to take GU format CCSes and extract some, but not all, OBJ files from them (with the source included):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/e9igf8f5i ... Source.zip

And here are some examples of three different types of CCS files, one from G.U., one from IMOQ, and a third from the Area Server (Area Server files are very stripped down compared to their game counterparts):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/iklox2uas ... amples.zip

The last thing that's definitely worth sharing as far as resources go is this file containing 8k mesh blobs that wv exported yesterday. He's been working to run it through using some information included in Forte's previous Xentax threads, and despite some success, we haven't been able to quite crack the model files yet:

The file types are listed here:

case 0xcccc2400: // BIN
case 0xcccc0100: // OBJECT
case 0Xcccc0a00:
case 0Xcccc2000:
case 0xcccc0200: // MATERIAL
case 0xcccc0700: // ANIMATION
case 0xcccc0800: // MESH
case 0xcccc0900: // CMP
case 0xcccc0400: // PALETTE
case 0xcccc0300: // IMAGE

If anyone is able to take a look into some of these files using any of the above utilities, or is able to shed some light onto this format, definitely let me know via a PM, and I can get you in touch with WV, so you guys can talk even more in depth and hopefully work together to find a solution!

I'm going to be editing this too if there's any additional information or resources that I should add, so keep an eye out within the next few hours as I may pop on a bit more. I'll also try to update this thread if any major breakthroughs should occur!

Update 1:

Ok, so WarrantyVoider has made an additional utility, called Stupidblocks, that allows anyone to analyze the model blocks. It provides either an error, or an 0xFFFFFFFF, which means that it read the file completely. If we can fix the blocks with errors so that it's read the entire file, we effectively have the format and can add it into the CCS Viewer! Here's that utility:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/8x5y70itd ... Blocks.zip

And here are the updated block definitions:

public static uint[] validBlockTypes = new uint[] {
0xCCCC0001, 0xCCCC0002, 0xCCCC0005, 0xCCCC0100,
0xCCCC0102, 0xCCCC0108, 0xCCCC0200, 0xCCCC0300,
0xCCCC0400, 0xCCCC0500, 0xCCCC0502, 0xCCCC0600,
0xCCCC0601, 0xCCCC0603, 0xCCCC0609, 0xCCCC0700,
0xCCCC0800, 0xCCCC0900, 0xCCCC0A00, 0xCCCC0B00,
0xCCCC0C00, 0xCCCC0E00, 0xCCCC1100, 0xCCCC1200,
0xCCCC1300, 0xCCCC1400, 0xCCCC1900, 0xCCCC1901,
0xCCCC2000, 0xCCCCFF01
0800 = "MDL" (models), 0400 = CLT (color table/palette), 0300 = TEX (texture,bitmap), 0700 = groups of subblocks, 0001 header, 0002 file/obj list

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 Post subject: Re: CCS File Format (Dot Hack)
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:09 pm 

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yay, I wanted to register and realized I already have an account here, yay!

some screenshots to the stupidblock tool (sry for the name^^)

successfull read (reads till type FF01)

read with errors

the node name format is: index, type, offset (rel. to parent)
offset is for comparing in hexeditor^^

please let me know if you find an unknown type not convered yet

also here the current structure definition for the models
and a list of possible values ive seen for unknown2 and 3, from 35000+ test mesh blobs

greetz WV

 Post subject: Re: CCS File Format (Dot Hack)
PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:27 am 

Joined: Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:04 am
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Woah! Seriously cool update! :D With some help from NCDyson, the CCS File Explorer now has a fully correct read on the data blocks inside the CCS files! WV has also coded in Raw Import and Saving capabilities, so you can actually change out the files inside of the CCSes, here's a cool example!

Original Texture Object with Pallette:

Texture Object with different Pallette:

This has really opened up the door for a lot of different possibilities, so it looks like this topic is going to be pretty active in the days to come!

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