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 Post subject: Re: PT PS4 (Fox Engine)
PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:09 pm 

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I'll take a look.

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 Post subject: Re: PT PS4 (Fox Engine)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:54 am 

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I'm also apparently missing the texture for the bottles, shsb_hous001_bn_bsm. I can only find shsb_hous001_bn_bsm_alp and shsb_hous001_bn_nrm, a subtexture and normal texture of the bottles' texture.

 Post subject: Re: PT PS4 (Fox Engine)
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:01 pm 

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emoose wrote:
Here's a dictionary for the texture.qar with all textures named, based off the pathid_list_ps4 file:

https://github.com/emoose/MGSV-QAR-Dictionary-Project has also been updated with these filenames :)

Edit: for anyone interested, a small guide on unpacking PT, hopefully I didn't miss anything [roll]:
- GameArchives: https://github.com/maxton/GameArchives/releases
- psarc-138.002: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aegbgpkm3xfot80/psarc.zip
- MGSV_ResDec: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xg9slfszkyf0w ... ResDec.rar
- GzsTool: https://github.com/Atvaark/GzsTool/releases
- MGSV QAR Tool: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rtpumx2mxsja ... R_Tool.rar

- Use GameArchives to open pfs_image.dat and extract chunk1.psarc & texture.qar

- Use psarc to extract chunk1.psarc:
psarc.exe extract --input=chunk1.psarc --to=chunk1_ext
- Copy MGSV_ResDec to extracted chunk1.psarc folder, in that folder create .bat file with the following:
@echo off
FOR /r %%X IN (*.lua, *.fpk, *.fpkd, *.json) DO (
MGSV_ResDec.exe %%X
- Run the .bat file you created, once it's finished all extracted chunk1.psarc files should be decrypted

- Once decrypted, to unpack the .fpk/.fpkd files copy GzsTool to extracted chunk1.psarc folder
- Open a command prompt to the extracted chunk1.psarc folder and run the following (don't forget the . at the end):
GzsTool.exe .
- All .fpk/.fpkd files should now be unpacked

- Extract MGSV QAR Tool to the same folder as texture.qar
- Replace the contents of dictionary.txt with http://pastebin.com/raw/Sx7dgktA
- Open texture.qar with a hex editor, skip to the end of the file and change the last 4 bytes "14 00 00 00" to "24 00 00 00"
- Open a command prompt to the folder with texture.qar and QAR tool, and run the following:
MGSV_QAR_Tool.exe texture.qar -u
- Once it's completed the texture.qar file should be fully extracted to a 'texture' folder

Credits to everyone making Fox Engine modding possible :)

Thanks for this! I've had no issues getting the textures and am having heaps of fun playing with a few of them. However, I can't successfully use MGSV_RecDec.exe to decrypt the extracted chunk1_ext files. I've followed every step and it just doesn't seem to want to play ball. the .bat file is fine and i've checked it over and over. Tried a few different versions of MGSV_RecDec.exe.

Even stranger, the first error I was having seems to have vanished. If I removed @Echo. I would see the problem was "Can't load input file". After playing with that for a while I scrapped it all and started again. Now my .bat file doesn't seem to want to do anything. It vanishes as quickly as it appears regardless of what I try. Any help would be much appreciated. (:

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